Bisiriyu Onisarotu &Afusa Bellos Son Is Oluwatoyin Onisarotu

Further to some recent controversey around the east end of london area that keeps tongues wagging all the time i wish to inform you all that Mr Jemil Oluwatoyin Onisarotu Born In Laogs Nigeria is the son of Bisiriyu Onisarotu and Ex-Councillors daughter Afusa Bello both of whom died over a year ago in Nigeria both of them were muslims they both lived in lagos island and mainland in his younger days he was taken from his mother or his mother put him under the care of  Dr &Mrs Adesalu both of whom lived at Bodija Ibadan Nigeria Mr Oluwatoyin Onisarotu in his younger days was a lookalike of pop start Michael jackson

Mr Oluwatoyin Onisarotu is believed or rumoured to have bought a council flat at Plaistow in Eastlondon or another area he has also been said to live in westlondon near kings cross or hertsfordshire no one knows for sure

Virolina The Tramp;

Virolina from ‘soufierre’ who uses uk citizenship  is  a ‘tramp ‘that lives in  a council home in newham she just likes doing ‘damage’ or say things that would attract attention to herself  or cause public uproar because she grew up in a childrens home  is of no tracebable background and is regarded as a non-essential person  she uses ‘cannabis’ regularly in newham   and collects money for doing ‘prostitution’ or for criminal damage of people she was heard today 21/6/2017  in the afternoon pm time around the stratford area in newham east london  between 1 pm and 1.30 or before  saying things that would attract suspicions through the airwaves ‘information technology .

Virolina from soufierre is one of the dirtiest girls in newham for disturbing regularly with false informations over the ‘airwaves’ there are other reports saying that she shows passerbys or passing people her photographs saying that she looked like this or that previously you know what?Me thinks that you are not better than residents of a residential home listen woman i dont want to hear what you have to say you are a fake and you are for fakes

Redbridge Music Lounge and the Green Fair Music Club-Invites You

Redbridge Music Lounge and the Green Fair Music Club invite you to join us next weekend at the centre-piece of our live music events for 2017
Our 15th Midsummer Music Fest takes place on Saturday 24 June at Ken Aston Square in Barkingside High Street outside the swimming pool at Fulwell Cross from 10.30am to 6pm
The Music Fest continues in Valentines Park on Sunday 25 June from 10.30am to 8pm beside the cafe, near the children’s playground and the boating lake. The entertainment is entirely free

The weekend features almost 30 different acts offering a wide range of musical styles and genres from folk, pop, blues and soul to jazz, choral, rock and classical – something for all tastes and performed by all musicians ‘for free, for fun, for everyone’. The whole event is an entirely voluntary-run celebration of live music featuring many of the best and brightest talent from Redbridge and the surrounding area.

Bring your family and friends, bring a picnic or enjoy lunch and other refreshments from the cafe
We really look forward to seeing many of you there for all or part of the weekend

See attached flyer and also details of the full programme for both days

Best wishes
Steve Collins & Chris Wyatt
07917 050490

MMF 2017 Programme Sat & SunMidsummer music flyer 2017

Mel Mercia The Dirtiest Girl At Manchester

Mel Mercia was the dirtiest girl at manchester university she used to like to happen with the ‘correct grade’ was driven from parties and even beaten up sufficiently enough she did not understand anything about learning disabilities and talked ‘abstract all the time  she  always liked to be in the forefront of things or happen instead of poorer or other people she does not have any worthwhile personality she was addicted to computer periperals and used it to harm many

She was reported to have liked to damaged people secretly and  in front of important people and when she was investigated further she was found to have gone to the home of a man initial B.O to have sex with him when he was a student at manchester university that is what she always does damage people criminally and walk or drive down to less important or talented persons and make herself a nuisance

Your opportunities are average people or working peoples opportunites whether you have university qualifications including Phd that does not matter you are not for private planes or rich you are not a great brain or anyhing like that you are ordinary

I am sure through your utterances from computer impressions that you  can never be  a director or a deputy director of a british government department because  when you were younger you used ‘cannabis sufficiently enough you were driven from another country and asked to go back to your own country because of that you cant use british citizen the only thing though that keeps you going is that you did not have a conviction in a court of law for that because  you ran from away from another country back to the uk before you were taken seriously you appear to me suspiciously to be a delayed woman

More news to come …………………………..

Is Virolina a mentally ill?

Virolina from soufierre  was very mentally ill and was very dirty when an agent saw her in ‘dazed stupor’ in a downtown pub in East london some time ago  she just liked to tell lies was no good in any subject or field and grew up in a childrens home -Of recent this woman has been a subject of conversation  virolina from soufierre is not correct with her utterances spreading all over town this days all the persons whose names she shouts everyday through communications mediums are genuine london english persons born her  after investigations this woman  has inferiority complex and her behaviour is criminal damage

I would not listen to vic or her ugly and dirty ‘social group’ of dope addicts because they are not a normal in understanding and behaviour  she was one of the persons driven from doing modelling because she does not take care of herself ,used ‘cannabis’ was not educated ,has no real talent except ‘noise nuisance’ and is  very dirty this woman  does not give  a ‘damn’ or’ care’  in the world whether you take offence to her statements or not  in fact she is a ‘die hard’ as she would do anything to mingle with any popular names or engage in criminal damage  and even  when she was thrown out of a boat pub and thrown on the floor outside the pub she thought it was normal behaviour

listen you stupid woman stop disturbing you are a fake

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