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Passerby Lyrics

I was walking down the street

And you were looking and watching on The opposite side

I was running and rushing

As I had work to do

You were laughing and smiling with your puppy dog

I was in a hurry Hurry

As I had work to do tonight

you were watching and smiling Like a passerby

Passerby Passerby

Looking and watching me

As i was in a hurry to go to work

you are a passerby

Passerby Passerby

You are a passerby

Passerby Passerby

Passerby Passerby Passerby.

…….. CopyrightWill_Saint2018

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Courtesy Of Dwells Journey London Uk

My English Birth Certificate Means That I Am English/ British By Birth-Genuine

william saintIMG_20181015_021833

Courtesy Of Dwells Journey
If You take a close look at our interactions on a daily basis you would notice that some of us hate ourselves to the extent that if i find any fault in you or i am suspicious of you for any reason i would make a noise of anything no matter how small unimportant or how large the problem is It only means that i hate your ‘guts’ and i find you offensive this normally happens in new areas developing or in new areas that has just become richIn more older and ‘marooned’ areas those that have more experience in dealing with people don’t just jump to conclusions they would normally make sure that they have their information’s right or correct before they go on a ‘wild goose chase’ throwing ‘verbal bombs’ everywhereIn my country and society in the Uk  There are quite a lot of people who try to relate your happenings to your national status to see whether you are ‘happening’ like Uk citizens ,British citizens or ‘happening’ lower or better than Uk .british citizens some use this to judge whether you are british or not if they feel that you are not happening correctly like british citizens or you are not meeting the basic minimum for ‘happening’ like a british citizen they tend to jump to conclusion and from then on go on a wild rampage with rumours ,loose talk etcThe first english birth certificate i had was  collected as a baby when i was born in london uk the one i have now- My English Birthcertificate is a copy or continuation copy of the birth certificate i had as a baby issued by the local general registers office in london the birth certificate i have is an original birth certificate a genuine one it is a ‘100 pounds’ birthcertificate which is the birth certificate of everyone born here in the united kingdom and issued by the general registers office  My own birth certificate was prepared for passport renewal purposes when i applied for the renewal of my british citizenship when they looked at what i had done in ‘national status’ which was to apply for the renewal of my british citizenship because my original and only place of birth is london uk and i have only one country in my name and passport which is the Uk The birth certificate i use is not a ‘re-registered’ or ‘gift’ or a ‘200 pounds’ birth certificate it is only a 100 live birth certificate -The same  birth certificate i had as a baby prepared ordinarily  for renewal purposes like that for British  passport renewal purposesI hate to talk about passport and birth certificates but you see in my country the United Kingdom there are different kinds of people who are just ‘loonies’ or ‘lunatics’they say a lot of things do a lot of things and they ‘harm ‘ you like that wrongly in the process a good number of them dont know what is happening to them they have been injured by aggressive society so they just attack anything that appears or looks different from themselves just for the sake of it i cant really help them other than to use this medium to inform them that i am a genuine birthcertificate of people born in london uk ‘100 pounds Live’Writer

Mr Azeez Babatunde Bello

Now Known since 1996 as Mr William Saint

University Graduate

Uk Citizen



Of Course I am An Educated Person



Online Business Developer


Courtesy Of Dwells Journey

I would consider myself  Educated clean and  in good health good enough for any relationship including jobs etc

I am an heterosexual and i would say that i have good taste 

On my qualifications i have several qualifications to date i graduated from university in 1989 my university is an internationally recognised university i checked this myself on the ofqual website when i graduated from university and it was recognised if you did not know if your university is recognised all the courses run by the university is recognised as the university is in the category of recognised examining bodies i.e one recognised examining body like city and guilds, like Ncfe etc i have many recognised qualifications in the uk which i have checked out for on the website recently 

Bachelors degree In Special Education 1989 University Of Ibadan Nigeria

Certificate In Business Management EDIUnited Kingdom 2010

First Class Pass In Accounts &Bookeeping City&Guilds Centre Redbridge Institute Of Adult Education Ilford Uk Mildmay Centre 2011

Ncfe Certificate In Volunteering Centre Redbridge Institute Of Adult Education 2011

Ncfe Certificate In equality &Diversity Centre Southgate College North London Uk 2011

Diploma in Webbusiness Development &Marketing Alison 2011-

Certificate In Fractional Reserve Banking 2012 Alison

Certificate In Warehouse &Storage principles City&Guilds 2017

BCS ECDL Level 1 Certificate in IT User Skills 2017

BCS ECDL Level 2 Certificate in It User Skills 2017

Radio Licence Examination Proceedure Centre Honchurch Radio Club 2011

I am a uk citizen i.e British Citizen Place of Birth Stpancras London

My name at birth was Azeez Babatunde Bello but i changed it in 1996 in london uk to william saint


Woman with no hands or feet in record Kilimanjaro climb

A woman who has no hands or feet is believed to be the first female quadruple amputee to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Corinne Hutton, from Renfrewshire, lost her limbs after suffering from acute pneumonia and septicaemia.

She reached the peak of Africa’s highest mountain on Friday, accompanied by 10 supporters from the Finding Your Feet amputee charity.

They raised more than £30,000 for the charity she set up after her illness.

The group completed their descent of the 16,100ft (4,900m) mountain in Tanzania on Sunday morning.

Ms Hutton said: “I’ve had blisters on my legs since day one, and each morning I’ve had to put my prosthetics on and do it all over again.

“I’ve been breathless, even when we’re not climbing. I had a worrying cough develop over the last couple of days, but I just put one foot in front of the other and knew nothing would stop me getting to the top.

“I hope I encourage other people to get out there and climb their own mountains, whatever they may be.

“I said after I lost my hands and legs below the knee that I never wanted to be considered “disabled” and I think I’ve proved that this weekend.”

In a statement on the its Facebook page, the Finding Your Feet charity said “each and every one of us is on top of the world with them”.

It added: “We went to sleep with nothing from the mountain other than growing concern.

“They battled through breathlessness in darkness and the freezing cold.

“We believe Corinne is the first female quadruple amputee to summit Kilimanjaro… what a feat with no hands or feet.”

Ms Hutton, who lives in Lochwinnoch, had previously become the first female quadruple amputee to climb Ben Nevis.

She trained for the Kilimanjaro trek in a chamber at the University of the West of Scotland, which replicates environmental extremes.



The story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is back in the public consciousness following the success of Netflix series Narcos.

But many fans of the hit series might not know Escobar had a lovechild who was adopted by an English couple.

Phillip Witcomb, now 53, was sent to a remote boarding school in Herefordshire to protect him from his biological father, who had made several attempts to kidnap him.

The landscape artist is now writing a screenplay about his life, proceeds of which will go to help recovering drug addicts.



Activities At Romford Folk Club -London Uk

Activities At Romford Folk Club

Compere-Mr Gary Walker

Photo Below

Courtesy Of Dwells Journey

Clive Paish's photo.


The Club started after a folk evening at Havering Library in Romford, and a vote from the audience for a regular club.

The 1st night was 28th November 1990 at the King’s Head in Hornchurch, under the name of Hornchurch Folk Club. The club moved to The Sun, Romford on 6th February 1991, and changed its name to Romford Folk Club.

The Basement
The Sun
47 London Road
Essex RM7 9QA

Romford Folk Club meets every Tuesday in the Function Room for the basement sessions. Pay on entry to the basement. Guest and open floor nights JUST £2.

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