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My Job is that of a marketing business developer; I am a self-employed In my younger days i did all kinds of jobs including working in a books warehouse, poll clerk, senior carer to handicapped people  and marketing warehouse like Amazon but after a long sojourn i wish to inform you that my only job is that of a marketing business developer after i did a random sampling of jobs I am not a disabled or a handicapped for normal living  or anything like that i have 11 qualifications university degree and professional certificates and I graduated from university in 1989 my job is not with handicapped people even though in my younger days i had a Bed Hons Special Education 2nd class honours it was the job i hated the most in the community and even then at that time there were no jobs   I changed over to a marketing career when i started private business in 2006 i did qualifications in marketing webusiness development&marketing I also have the BCS ECDL ITUserSkills qualification I.e European computer driving licence and I have qualifications in Business management and professional certificate in warehousing  and other qualifications

Yes i am good at web business development&marketing

My website is the most popular website in the world from SEO Scores & Ranking

Of those who were jealous yes there would always be those who would be jealous but that is common place in our society

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Mr Azeez Babatunde Bello

Now Known Since 1996 As

Mr William Saint

British Citizen

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