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Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills 

For many men, the idea of enlarging their penis is something they dream about.

Feelings of inadequacy and depression can result from thinking that their penis is too small.

Another problem men suffer from is erectile dysfunction, which can be caused by several factors, including depression and feelings of inadequacy.

Fortunately, there are several male enhancement products available that can help resolve these issues.

Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills is one option that many men with erectile dysfunction are trying.

Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills have been featured on several media outlets such as Fox News and ESP.

How Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills Work Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills Review

The penis structure consists of 3 chambers; the two on top are the erectile tissue known as Corpora Cavernosa and the one chamber on bottom that is used for ejaculation and urination called the Corpus Spongisum.

During sex the brain releases a hormone that causes the penis to fill with blood.

The cells completely fill up until your penis is hard.

This means that it is possible to have a larger penis simply by allowing more blood to enter these chambers. Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills help to increase the capacity of the top two chambers of the penis, which allows more blood to enter, thus creating a thicker and longer erection.

According to the manufacturers, Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills increase the cell growth within the corpora cavernosa.

Once the number of cells increases, the penis becomes larger, creating a more stimulating erection as well.

The product is made of all natural ingredients, although no ingredient list can be found on the many websites selling this product.

Pros and Cons of Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills


  • The websites selling this product claim it is 100% herbal.
  • There are no known side effects.
  • The product packaging is discreet.
  • The websites to purchase this product from state that they are secure.
  • A 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee is provided.


  • There is not a list of ingredients provided.
  • There have been clinical trials, but no information about the trials is given.
  • There are several negative reviews.
  • There is no official website for the product.
  • The manufacturer of the product is unknown.

Where to Buy Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills

From what I have found, the product seems to be manufactured by a company located in Beijing, China.

There are several sites that offer the product and the average cost is from $59.95 to $74.95 per month.However, it is important to make sure to purchase the product from a legitimate source as there have been many links to sites that are possible scams selling the product.

Is Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills Recommended?

Overall, there is too little information about Maxgentleman Enlargement Pillsfor me to fully recommend the product.

There were several reviews of the product that were negative and stated that sites selling the product were involved in scams just to get your credit card information.

The other issue I have with Maxgentleman Enlargement Pills is that there is no ingredient list provided.

In addition, several sites claim there have been clinical studies done on the product, but there is no proof of these trials.

Overall, there are many more male enhancement products from reputable manufacturers available from which to choose.

My English Birth Certificate Means That I Am English/ British By Birth-Genuine

william saintDwellsJourneyINamOTIVATED


Courtesy Of Dwells Journey
If You take a close look at our interactions on a daily basis you would notice that some of us hate ourselves to the extent that if i find any fault in you or i am suspicious of you for any reason i would make a noise of anything no matter how small unimportant or how large the problem is It only means that i hate your ‘guts’ and i find you offensive this normally happens in new areas developing or in new areas that has just become richIn more older and ‘marooned’ areas those that have more experience in dealing with people don’t just jump to conclusions they would normally make sure that they have their information’s right or correct before they go on a ‘wild goose chase’ throwing ‘verbal bombs’ everywhereIn my country and society in the Uk  There are quite a lot of people who try to relate your happenings to your national status to see whether you are ‘happening’ like Uk citizens ,British citizens or ‘happening’ lower or better than Uk .british citizens some use this to judge whether you are british or not if they feel that you are not happening correctly like british citizens or you are not meeting the basic minimum for ‘happening’ like a british citizen they tend to jump to conclusion and from then on go on a wild rampage with rumours ,loose talk etcThe first english birth certificate i had was  collected as a baby when i was born in london uk the one i have now- My English Birthcertificate is a copy or continuation copy of the birth certificate i had as a baby issued by the local general registers office in london the birth certificate i have is an original birth certificate a genuine one it is a ‘100 pounds’ birthcertificate which is the birth certificate of everyone born here in the united kingdom and issued by the general registers office  My own birth certificate was prepared for passport renewal purposes when i applied for the renewal of my british citizenship when they looked at what i had done in ‘national status’ which was to apply for the renewal of my british citizenship because my original and only place of birth is london uk and i have only one country in my name and passport which is the Uk The birth certificate i use is not a ‘re-registered’ or ‘gift’ or a ‘200 pounds’ birth certificate it is only a 100 live birth certificate -The same  birth certificate i had as a baby prepared ordinarily  for renewal purposes like that for British  passport renewal purposesI hate to talk about passport and birth certificates but you see in my country the United Kingdom there are different kinds of people who are just ‘loonies’ or ‘lunatics’they say a lot of things do a lot of things and they ‘harm ‘ you like that wrongly in the process a good number of them dont know what is happening to them they have been injured by aggressive society so they just attack anything that appears or looks different from themselves just for the sake of it i cant really help them other than to use this medium to inform them that i am a genuine birthcertificate of people born in london uk ‘100 pounds Live’


Mr Azeez Babatunde Bello

Now Known since 1996 as Mr William Saint

University Graduate

Uk Citizen


Activities At Romford Folk Club -London Uk

Activities At Romford Folk Club

Compere-Mr Gary Walker

Photo Below

Courtesy Of Dwells Journey

Clive Paish's photo.


The Club started after a folk evening at Havering Library in Romford, and a vote from the audience for a regular club.

The 1st night was 28th November 1990 at the King’s Head in Hornchurch, under the name of Hornchurch Folk Club. The club moved to The Sun, Romford on 6th February 1991, and changed its name to Romford Folk Club.

The Basement
The Sun
47 London Road
Essex RM7 9QA

Romford Folk Club meets every Tuesday in the Function Room for the basement sessions. Pay on entry to the basement. Guest and open floor nights JUST £2.

Dwells Journey Photographs Of Activities And Events In Colour

Courtesy Of Dwells Journey 2018

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We can repair everybody’s handicap’s or cure everybody’s handicapp’s ……

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One Thing that I have found out is that sex is very important if you want to work or continue working in a job  because without that it is possible that persons like you working with you might be suspicious about whether you are a ‘human being’ like them a cause of resentment to certain individuals by others is the fact that those around you are happening in relationships growing day in day out with different partners developing those relationships with issues like children or separating and divorcing their partners for other partners i mean just think like that  is life for you; Development mingling with people in the same country like your own and just imagine that if you are not like that people in the same country like yours or same areas like yours people would think that you are a bit different  from them and if you think that you are not different then do something about it get a partner or a lover or try dating previous relationships to see whether you can work something out you can even join clubs societies leisure centre’s christian church for social relationship development

The reason for all this discussion is because there are some groups of people who seriously resisted another set of persons from developing like them or joining them in social relationships because they felt that those people who did not have what they had in relationships were different from them their academic qualifications did not matter the property they owned did not matter because those person’s could not do simple things like themselves such as  having relationships with persons from the opposite sex or same-sex  and establishing themselves in society with those relationships because of that they thought  that they were not ‘man’ enough or ‘woman’ enough like themselves  I mean if you are right thinking those are simple little, little things you ought to have from when you are old enough until adulthood. What about ‘handicapped’ people you might ask? Well most of those accused did not appear to be ‘handicapped’ to a majority of persons they felt those handicapped persons allowed themselves to be maligned criminally and that is why they appear to be handicapped so what next then? I would suggest that after your first degree it would be better or make sure that you have important relationships life long relationships like a partner, girlfriend,rewarding membership of social groups or wife at home  if you want to ‘happen’ big time otherwise i would ask you to work and work until you are financially viable as a bachelor’s degree holder before you start engaging in further studies. Relationships with people are very important because these are the people you are going to spend the rest of your lives with so instead of reading and reading books all the time i would suggest that it would be better if such handicapped persons are developed financially to be very rich so that what they cannot afford naturally because they are handicapped they would able to buy with money including affection .  if you are going to be practical that would be the correct way and the money you make you  would use to update your bodies or go for the best treatment anywhere in europe or america if you have the money our society is so developed such that we can repair everybody’s handicap’s or cure everybody’s handicapp’s

Pen Writer

Azeez B Bello

Uk Citizen

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