I Dont Have Any Diseases Or Infection’s Inside Or Outside My body-Mr Azeez Babatunde Bello


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Mr Azeez Babatunde Bello

I would think that i am probably one of the most secretly  discussed persons on earth regarding ‘health issues’ all this can affect a human being if you listen to conversations of people however  if the persons making all the nosies about health issues dont understand it dosent change anything i did several operations on my body right from when i was a baby in london uk  until adulthood the last operation i think i did was when i was thirty years old -All the operations i did on my body did not make me a handicapped or disabled as i have been told many times that i am not a handicapped or that i am not going to be a handicapped because all the operations that i have done do not affect me as a human being for normal living even though i have done three operations by specialists that i saw in hospitals at various times

I dont have any diseases on my body or in my body so please ‘Shut Up’ and stop disturbing our societies with ‘sour stories ‘

I am a British citizen born in london uk throughout my life and would be renewing my british citizenship anytime so please just go away

I do exercises all the time and i use medicenes-‘healthfoods’ all the time i don’t have any infectious diseases of the body soul or mind i have checked out myself regularly at various times since 2006 at the Greenway clinic Newham general hospital Eastlondon,Sexual health dept Whipps cross hospital Urology dept Royal london hospital Whitechapel The Appleby medical centre which is around the Customs house area of east london uk prince regents and i was told at different times throughout that my body was highly ‘immuned’ and that all the blood tests done were successful there has been no infection at all this has been the case for many years

I would consider myself clean and i am in good health good enough for any relationship including jobs etc

I am an heterosexual and i would say that i have good taste 

I am a uk citizen i.e British Citizen Place of Birth Stpancras London

My name at birth was Azeez Babatunde Bello but i changed it in 1996 in london uk to william saint

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