Mr Jemil Oluwatoyin Onisarotu Was Born In Lagos Nigeria To Afusa And Bisiriyu

Mr Oluwatoyin Onisarotu Is A Nigeria Born In Nigeria

Courtesy Of Dwells Journey2019

Further to questions about the national identity of Mr Jemil Oluwatoyin Onisarotu

I wish to inform you that Mr oluwatoyin  onisarotu was born in lagos nigeria in a hospital said to be opposite a childrens hospital in lagos island local government

Mr Onisarotu’s mummy was a woman called Afusa Bello and his daddy Bisiriyu Onisarotu owner of the new nation online newspaper and muslim leader

In Lagos Nigeria- Both of Oluwatoyin Onisarotu’s parents are now dead they died a few years ago

Mr Onlisarotu at one time lived at Ibadan Nigeria Bodija with his auntys husband

Mr Jemil Onisarotu is a nigerian by birth your achievements in life dosent matter

You are a nigerian born and i am sure you are proud to be nigerian

I am not your friend and stop disturbing the whole world with environmental aerospace miniscule or environmental monitoring aerospace miniscule something like that

with your friends ‘wow you make a lot of noises’


Azeez B  Bello

British citizen

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