Photos of Will_Saint Below

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There has never been a time when a ‘fella’ just walked in ‘strummed’ his guitar or played the’ piano’ that it had as much an effect like that of lordwilliamsaint nicknamed the creator of the buggalo piano yes i did not give it much of a notice until recently in the last few weeks when he entered the number one spot as the best R&B Artist for london and the best one hundred artits/musicians in the R&Bsector for the United Kingdom yes you may say he is ‘hot cake’ or looks like he is going to be a ‘hot cake’ i would not want to give in to conclusions other than say that this man and his music are here to stay you would like him i am sure as he is as controversial as he sounds and looks  to read more about lordwilliamsaint visit the music channel
Lordwilliamsaint is no stranger from ‘outer space’ he started from Stpancras london uk where he was born and was known at birth in Stpancras as Azeez babatunde Bello Nationality Uk Citizen

Photograph below are of two music cd covers of lordwilliamsaints music cd’s currently being processed they are expected to be released soon you can buy/purchase other music cd’s of lordwilliamsaint including the everyday habits Music cd


Below In The Honeycomb video is Will Saint

Will_Saint can also been seen at another music event at the folk and blues club south croydon in 2017

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