I Am A United Kingdom Citizen William Saint

I Am A British citizen-Will

Read More About Will Below;



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William Saint was Formerly known as Azeez Babatunde Bello; you can have a look at the phbotographs of mr william saint below posing in different gestures at different occassions in  london united kingdom

IMG_20180121_093344[1]IMG_20180120_135112[1]IMG_20180121_093421[1]IMG_20180121_093454[1]WillieP3230001Willie saint at a music event in 2011 in london ukOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdefault (2)DSC00223yyyyyyyyyyyphoto16william_saint_Learner_Record[1].pdfIMG_20180122_111138[1]My beautiful picturewillys (1)defaultrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttdefault (1)default (4)default (5)default (6)default (3)

willsaintdefault (1)wills2 (2)default232 (1)2 (4)mycamsinglevideo1imageswillyshqdefault2 (3)3 (1)image00IMG_20180121_093744[1]

Listen to what he says about him humble origins ;
I was born at the university college hospital Stpancras london  as Azeez Babatunde Bello in 1963

I am only from one country the united kingdom in passport and birth certificate

I am english because my place of birth is Stpancras london now under Camden council

I am a member of the european community because i am british english

I would be renewing my english passport automatically when the current one i use expires

I am a live genuine birth certificate born at the university college hospital Stpancras london now under university college hospital london

My birth certificate is an original copy of the birth certificate i had as  a baby in london uk

I have been to the local registers offices in london many times from when I graduated from university in 1989  up till about a year ago to verify and discuss My birth certificate   and i am satisfied by explanations that it is a genuine issue  And I dont want to pursue your ‘rumours’& talk any longer i am now beginning to Think that some of you are mischievous  or are simply evil
Yes people talk a lot and  say a lot of things yes i would say it may be due to the Cosmopolitan society that we live in and some tribes dont want people from other Tribes to be better than themselves so they look for ways of ‘subjugating ‘people They think are different from them or some people do not want people that they Are better than previously to be better than them or you may have ‘damaged’ a Person wrongly in the community and made it difficult for them to breathe fresh Air or live well  and such a person does not want you to ‘escape’ or some people do Not like to identify with you because they think that you dont belong i.e you are Underclass or you dont have money any money at all from childhood until Adulthood  or jobs and dont think that you can succeed there may be more than one Million reasons for people’s behaviour’S but you have to ask them yourselves.

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