A Damaged Personality;

Courtesy Of William Saint

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What is a damaged personality ?

A damaged personality is a personality that suffers from verbal or physical abuse and damage and this could arise as a result of any reason if you are sure that you have not done anything wrong but the other party keeps ‘belaboring’ you about certain issues of which you have no knowledge about then it would be time to correct a wrong accusation or repair a damaged personality

Take the case of this Person nicknamed ‘Wild Tango’ who is said to have lived on the outskirts of town ‘well’ to some other persons inside town but   it can be safely called the outskirts of town to others  the citizen was said to have liked to have ‘fun’ all the time ‘drinking’ ‘playing’ ‘chatting’ and ‘developing’ relationships with people but there were a group of persons who were not exactly convinced about ‘WildTangos ‘happenings ‘so they spent a lifetime keeping a closer look at ‘Wild Tango’ in the neighbourhood where ‘Wild Tango lived or they suspected that he lived what they wanted was the citizen to have a regular partner everyday but what they saw was that ‘Wild  Tango was always patronising prostitutes and the prostitutes did not seem to like him other than the occasional smoke or drink

However that in-itself did not matter but what ‘shocked’ some was the revelations by some that they suspected that the citizens may have engaged in some sorts of masturbation if he did not have a regular partner   when cornered citizen Tango simply denied saying that he did not engage in any masturbations  but that he had sexual engagements with a variety of different women in the last two decades some successful and some were not but on an average most of his relationships with people were successful

In my own opinion the answer is very simple i would suggest that they keep giving ‘Wild Tango girlfriends or introduce to Wild Tango females  to ‘mate’ with or have relationships with until such a citizen was ‘optimized relationship  with them i.e have a regular partner like a wife at home or live in lover i strongly believe that the citizen has never engaged in masturbation and i would adduce it to street talk or hate

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