Who are the correct people?

Courtesy Of William Saint

What is a correct people? Well that appears to me to be a controversial statement as this topic has been a source of discussion for some time now  these days correct people are persons who progress naturally throughout their lives ‘first rate ‘people who who are fulfilled such as having qualifications to work with, relationships with people including clubs societies,property ownership and money befitting persons of their ages at anytime money from work ,or money from business such as selfemployment or other private business

Correct people are persons who are fulfilled at any age peoples whose lives are rewarding and meaningful i.e if you put a minimum amount of effort or work in any endeavour you would be successful or rewarded in the short or long run not a ‘dud’ who just lives and has no meaningful lives something that they are working for or looking forward to own and achieve after a period of time

This sounds right to me but what i would consider the common factor is having work,money,and relationships with people and your society at anytime

Furthermore correct people are persons who move with the times and not just live stagnant lives or lifestyles

Say for instance if you start out struggling as a teenager or you are a young  adult just leaving college or university by the time you reach your forties or fifties you should have been fulfilled  work,qualifications ,property,money relationships with people

I mean you must be like a mummy or daddy in old age and if you are single you must have enough resources like qualifications ,work,relationships,property ownerships rental or freehold ownerships to be respectable it would help to join the local church for activities,clubs or even set up your own club or pub or restaurant if you would like to mingle and ‘happen


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