Is Virolina a mentally ill?

Virolina from soufierre  was very mentally ill and was very dirty when an agent saw her in ‘dazed stupor’ in a downtown pub in East london some time ago  she just liked to tell lies was no good in any subject or field and grew up in a childrens home -Of recent this woman has been a subject of conversation  virolina from soufierre is not correct with her utterances spreading all over town this days all the persons whose names she shouts everyday through communications mediums are genuine london english persons born her  after investigations this woman  has inferiority complex and her behaviour is criminal damage

I would not listen to vic or her ugly and dirty ‘social group’ of dope addicts because they are not a normal in understanding and behaviour  she was one of the persons driven from doing modelling because she does not take care of herself ,used ‘cannabis’ was not educated ,has no real talent except ‘noise nuisance’ and is  very dirty this woman  does not give  a ‘damn’ or’ care’  in the world whether you take offence to her statements or not  in fact she is a ‘die hard’ as she would do anything to mingle with any popular names or engage in criminal damage  and even  when she was thrown out of a boat pub and thrown on the floor outside the pub she thought it was normal behaviour

listen you stupid woman stop disturbing you are a fake


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