‘Bankrupting’ A Human Being’

Courtesy Of William Saint

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I dont want hear any jargon about ‘Masturbations again   because that is an easy way of ‘bankrupting’ a human being so that they would not have an adequate social life there are quite a lot of persons who like to ‘damage’ people like that just for the fun of it  if you hate a person sufficiently or hate a persons  social life then you give them girls or boys  to enjoy and develop relationship with. As a Uk citizen consider yourselves ‘gold’ as everyone or most people all over the globe would like to be like you enjoy like you because  of our very civilised society as a result of that they would do anything you thought impossible just to achieve that I personally dont like crime or criminals but i have decided after studying my society in the Uk english and the united kingdom that if a person has an inadequate social life and there are suspicions about such a person please endeavour to give them people from  an opposite sex ‘boys’ if they are’ girls’ and ‘girls’ if they are boys so that they have an adequate and fulfilling social life in that way our society would succeed and be more respectful all over the globe – That is one of the reasons why we are better than other societies -Civilisation
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