You are responsible for my problems?

You are responsible for my problems?


News here for you, I have reliably gathered through regular observations and ‘talk’ that some of those persons that have been accused of doing ‘damage’ of a personal nature on certain   persons in society  were trying to prove that they were ‘superior’ in ‘sexual games’& Intelligence or in Intelligence to other persons who they did not think was like themselves

I mean they feel that an ‘amateur’ if they met someone they did not know would go forward to such a person talk to the person like honest people and would not succeed at the end of the day as those persons that they talk to want ‘action’ and real money having lived a ‘supervised lifestyle’ when they were younger i.e they really want to be fulfilled so that they would be big people in our society in future and not be on the dole or benefits in future for not taking ‘big risks there was no money

Another ‘back talk’ feels that there  are some persons who cannot do that i.e be honest and straightforward to people in a civilised and developed society like ours because they  feel that certain parts of society would frown or oppose them socially if such  a ‘company of persons’ that they were after took an interest in them and were found to be too young or innocent  for themselves  so what they do is to look  ‘respectful’ and behave ‘respectful’ by talking about people all the times blaming such persons that they discuss about all the time  with problems and  trying to ‘bankrupt’ them socially  so that persons living in certain areas in our  society would not respect those persons being talked about  even  though they might not have any evidence of a ‘misbehaviour ‘about someone else

Not all of them succeed though. Some of the personalities/persons involved in this have been described as  receiving  rejections at times and when this ‘occurs’ such persons become angry when they get back to their local neighbourhoods and start talking shouting all over the place blaming the ‘whole world’ as having been the origin of their problems

More news to come ……….


Azeez Babatunde Bello

Uk Citizen


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