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The correct thing ‘Dear’ is that I don’t want to develop with you. If I would recollect in my ‘younger’ days we were discriminated against and me my ‘supporters’ learnt from that discrimination. From then on  we decided that there is no-one for us and that if we really wanted to succeed we have to do more for ourselves. So when I saw you I ‘hated’ you because you  reminded me of all the ‘persons’ or ‘people’ who  did not like me – I mean they like to ‘talk’ to me but were not sincere they like to ‘hear’ my stories but were not ‘sympathetic ‘so you see the only person that I want  to develop with are the people who are not better than me and who would look up to me like a ‘benefactor’ and be satisfied with what I have and just like me the way I am so that I would not suffer any discrimination at anytime

What do you mean and what are you actually saying I asked?

My ‘Talker’ simply ‘quipped’ I hate people who did not like us previously and i also hate people who dont think that i might be rich  or would be rich I also hate the likes or people like you who do not take me seriously when I mean what I have told you

‘Well’ I replied just like you I like my own area in london uk and would like to be like them in development if you did not know previously I am exactly like the area

This short story does not refer to any real-life persons it is simply fiction


Azeez Babatunde Bello

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