Images In Your Body ?

Courtesy Of William Saint - Create Your Own Online Store For Free!
Images in your body means that you must be a ‘handicapped’ or have done operations on your body that are ‘sour’ or did not heal ‘properly’ otherwise there would not be images in your body another alternative can be that your body is ‘bugged’ with electronic eavesdropping equipment and it has been in your body for a very long time this can  open you up to abuse if many persons know about this

If your ‘body spleen’ isnt strong there are bound to be images in your body and this comes from wear and tear most persons usually have this experience’s when they reach a much older age

In this computer /Aerospace age of ours where everybody can hear everybody within a distance it  is very possible that you can see someone talking to you this is due to advancements in technology  or image making in your subconcious memory as this occurs because you have an impression of the person talking to you - Create Your Own Online Store For Free!

In such Instances if you feel disturbed about it I would ask you not to do anything at all about this but to ignore peoples comments to you about this as the persons who experience this cannot do anything about it as it is a normal growing,ageing  or growth process or that society is developing if you are in ‘latter’ position  in the third paragraph


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