The main difference i would say between persons living in the north, west and the eastend of london

The main difference i would say between persons living in the north, west and the eastend of london uk would be the spoken and use of english as a language most of the ones born in north and west london usually have an ‘accent’ that sounds  different from the East end but then that is debatable it all  depends on your upbringing or who you mix with there are quite a lot of persons in the east end who dont look or sound different from most londoners  from the north and west they speak fluent english language and have good taste in fashion and music just like the ones from the west and north end . Most of the locals in the east end are usually very educated attend universities and colleges when they were young  and it is not unusual to see them or hear them telling you that it is no ‘big deal’ if you dont have a job or are not rich because of that it means to them that you are not successful

The ones in north& west  london prefer performance they like things to ‘happen’ and dont like people making excuses they have a high history of achieving results and dont care a ‘hoot if you have a university degree ,masters or a Phd especially if you cant seem to happen and evolve .In those areas there are  many persons who had a history of performance in business and jobs who  were preferred to people who had a lot of qualifications because they found out that such persons with large qualifications could not happen where the ones with moderate qualifications happened easily If you  are accorded higher degrees like a Phd because of the prominence you may achieve immediately if you are accorded such qualifications most of the persons living in the north and west would like you to show a high degree of social functioning i.e prove that you are superior in cognitive abilities than other people and if you cant do that  or you are seen to be struggling you may be relegated to being a junior level official in government throughout your lives or if you teach a classroom teacher for the next twenty years doing the same job over and over again there is more money in the north and the west of london but of recent the east end of london uk  have proved that they are equally rich like the n orth and west of london uk with skyscrappers and massively huge buildings springing all over the east end evidence of new money


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