A Criminal Damage?

Courtesy Of William Saint

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Listen man if you are not going to be successful or do not want to be successful there is no need to bother with all the comments people say about you only persons with a personality or people that like to have a ‘good personality’ would take personal abuses seriously so you see if you are not important  or anybody of a worthwhile personality those persons raining abuses at you I would not take seriously.What that means is that you are not going to be a valued professional in any job or career and you are not going to be a successful business man in any business small or big and  you are  not going to be a major stakeholder in any society or organisation where you have people it was as a result of these that those persons you discussed about went about on a wild rampage all over town making defamatory statements and bad unture  allegations against you saying things that would make people angry immediately they hear it so i would advise you that you must not allow them to ‘overwhelm’ you to a boiling point I would advise you to refute all their allegations as untrue and look for a more friendlier neighbourhood to develop relationships with people  as the  behaviours of those persons that embarked on a grosspersonal damage  are what I would call a criminal damage or an undermining your status as a British citizen  


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