Some Of Them May Have Been Killed?

Courtesy Of William Saint - Create Your Own Online Store For Free! - Create Your Own Online Store For Free!

Everyday you see people walking around and engaging in their daily jobs ,rounds,and activities in a minor ‘micro world’
They cant seem to find an answer to their problems or solutions or reasons for a lack of very fast progression
they do not know why they are like this, or that, and are not like some of their ‘peers’ whose ‘brains’ are not different from themselves if you did not know it, Some of them may have been ‘killed’,’ruined’or relegated ‘ to the lowest bottom levels of society or even ruined financially. What do you mean I asked? I mean think like this you have ‘peers’ who are not better than yourselves in Intelligence of course not; But you see them everyday in good jobs ‘flowing robes’ and ‘gowns’ driving expensive cars from the same town or country like you and you find it difficult to even have a ‘proper job’to earn money to live a comfortable life only jobs for ‘slaves’ You are educated I guess ?Yes I am someone once replied if you are such you must ‘happen’ and have a good time in a developed civilised country like ours without any poor-situtaions or poverty related situations .Yes that may be true but you have to develop such opportunites for yourselves if the opportunites available are for ‘moderate persons’ or ‘poor persons’ I mean that if you are not satisfied with your situations. A lot of persons that are at those ‘rock bottom ‘levels are not that ‘Innocent’ some of them may have had law &order convictions in the past and did not take it seriously-i.e This affects jobs opportunites and can seriously delay your progress or some of them may have failed to ‘assert’themselves in our society when they were given the opportunity I mean they may have just been ‘watching’ and ‘looking ‘while their mates were busy ‘hustling and yearning for progress and development. Furthermore planning is also another problem for some of them. The only reasonable exceptions to this I would say are persons who may have had extremely bad luck that is possible. The advice I would give would be to move from place to place, change your looks ,appearances jobs etc I mean do something so that you can have a fulfilled life at retirement - Create Your Own Online Store For Free! - Create Your Own Online Store For Free!


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